Enrolment Policy

  1. Those intending to apply for enrolment in Springdale National School should contact the school and request a copy of the Notification of Intention to Apply Form. If the intention is to enrol a child in less than 21 days, then an Application Form may be requested, but noting what follows.
  2. Those who have returned a Notification of Intention to Apply Form will be sent an Application Form in the third week of January in the year of enrolment in the school.
  3. All applications for places in the school shall be submitted on the approved Application Form to the school Principal. An Ethos statement and Code of Behaviour will be furnished to each applicant with a copy of the Application Form at the appropriate time, in advance of the first Tuesday in February for consideration of applications for the following school year.
  4.  The closing date for return of such completed Application Forms is 12 noon on the first Tuesday in February.
  5. Only those forms that have been completed in full and accompanied by relevant supporting documentation will be considered by the Board of Management.
  6. Completion of the Form does not guarantee a place at the school.
  7. Early completion of the Form is not a factor in the allocation of places at the school.
  8. All applicants for junior infants must have attained their 4th birthday (or older if applicable) by 1st April in the year of admission.
  9. The Board of Management will consider all applications and issue decisions within 21 days of the closing date for return of complete Application Forms.
  10. The Board of Management will, in the light of Sections 6(e), 9(m) and 15(2)(d) of the Education Act 1998, give consideration to the following:                                                                                                            a) The number of places available in the school which in turn involves but is not limited to the number of pupils expected to leave the school, the size of all classrooms, the deployment of teachers and the resources of the school.
    b) The religious denomination of the child
    c) The place of residence of the child.
  11. Siblings of pupils already in the school are not automatically entitled to a place. When oversubscription occurs in any particular category, priority within such category will be given to the siblings of pupils already enrolled in the school who belong in that category only.
  12. Catchment is defined by parish boundaries.
  13. Waiting lists do not carry forward to subsequent years where a child has not been allocated a place.
  14. The Board of Management may seek further clarification from applicants before making a decision.
  15. All applicants should be informed, in writing, of the Board’s decision within a specified time period (namely 21 days).
  16. A subsequent review of a decision by the Board may be requested, generally on the grounds only of additional information not previously submitted at the time of application.
  17. Unsuccessful applicants may also appeal the decision of the Board under Section 29 (1)(C) of the Education Act 1998.
  18. Springdale National School is a Church of Ireland school. Priority for places is therefore given in the following order:

a) Church of Ireland parishioners of the parishes of All Saints’, Raheny and St. John’s, Coolock including accustomed parishioners, such affiliation to be proven by
• family name on parish register
• letter from Church of Ireland incumbent
• baptismal record issued by Church of Ireland

b) Children who are members of Protestant, Reformed, Old Catholic, Mar Thoma, Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Churches, Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Denmark and are living within the parishes listed at (a) above.

c) Children of current staff members.

d) Children of interchurch families, living within the parishes listed at (a) where parents express a wish to have their child educated specifically within a Church of Ireland ethos (Documentary proof of parent/guardian address required).

e) All other applicants.
Where oversubscription occurs in any category above, siblings within such category will be given priority, but, in any event, places in this category will be allocated to those normally resident closest to the school. Those children in this category that are not successful in achieving a place will have their names placed on a waiting list in order of proximity to the school. Applicants will be informed of their place on the waiting list as it applies in their particular category.

The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse admission where there is good and sufficient reason for doing so. Applicants retain the right to appeal such a decision.

This policy was reviewed on 12th January 2016.