On Tuesday 9th October 2018, 6th Class were called upon to solve a crime which had taken place. The body of poor Ms. Margarita had been found in her home and 6th Class were called in to investigate her six arch enemies! Luckily, we have some amazing forensic scientists in our classroom so we were able to help Chief Investigator Ross with this enormous task.
It seems as though the guilty culprit had forgotten to wipe their shoes before committing this crime, so a little piece of soil had been found beside Ms. Margarita.
6th Class Forensic Scientists noted that we could use this evidence to try to eliminate some of the suspects. They took a soil sample from the homes of each of the six suspects and tested to see if it was acidic or basic. Once they had managed to test all six soil samples, they were able to test the soil sample found at the crime scene. They found that the soil was basic, so three suspects were eliminated and three were still under investigation.
Once our forensic scientists had narrowed it down to their final three suspects, they decided to test the ink used on a note left by the criminal beside the body of Ms. Margarita. Using chromatography paper, they tested ink samples from the homes of the three remaining suspects and then compared these to the ink used on the note left at the scene. Did you know that different colours have different weights? Check out the photos below to see the different colours moving at different paces on the chromatography paper!
Finally, once all the investigations had taken place, 6th Class Forensic Scientists were able to alert the Gardaí that all the clues and evidence were pointing to Ms. Scarlet being guilty of this awful crime. She was then taken into custody!
Well done, 6th Class!