Green Schools

Springdale National School has been involved with the Green Schools Programme for over 8 years. The whole school community is dedicated to making our school and surrounding areas a beautiful and environmentally friendly place to be.
We have been awarded flags on the themes of Litter and Waste, Energy, Water and Transport. Each flag takes two years to complete and this year we are currently working on year 2 of our Biodiversity Flag. We are hoping to submit our completed application this term.
The theme of Biodiversity aims to suggest ways for pupils, staff and local government to work together to raise awareness of biodiversity issues and come up with practical solutions that will make a real difference to pupils’ everyday lives. It aims to increase the amount of biodiversity in the school and local area and raise awareness of the biodiversity already there. Take a look at our class blogs to see the work each class has been doing around the theme of biodiversity.

Links to our Class Blog posts around the theme of Biodiversity: