Happy World Bee Day! 2nd Class have been learning about bees for the past 3 weeks. We have been using objects from home to create some bee art projects and some of us have been practising our drawing skills and have drawn the most amazing illustrations of bees. Last week we created Bee Reports writing lots of facts and amazing information about bees. Some fascinating facts we have learned are:

  1. There are 3 types of bees: queen, drones and workers.
  2. All worker bees are female.
  3. Their wings beat 200 times per second.
  4.  Bees dance to show where their food is.
  5. The queen bee can live for up to 5 years.

We have also been watching videos from a real life bee keeper and have sent on some questions for her to answer. We’re looking forward to hearing all about how many slotted panels it takes to make some honey and also if she can tell us a little bit as to why bees are disappearing!

For literacy work we also completed some reading comprehension tasks about bees. We have really enjoyed learning about the amazing creatures and hope you enjoy our artwork and reports!

Amazing work!

Busy bees!