Month: May 2017

News from Santry

Well done to everybody who participated in Santry Sports. While Under 12 girls succeeded in winning Bronze in the relay, many of our athletes made it to finals. Their behaviour was excellent throughout the two days and their team spirit was second to none. Thank you to all the parents who offered lifts and cheered our […]

Review of Senior Concerts

Last Wednesday and Thursday Springdale became a theatre for the evening. There were lots of great costumes and actors and actresses on show. The pupils from 2nd to 6th class had been working so hard in the 3 weeks leading up to it. Songs had been practised numerous times, lines had been learnt for homework […]

Springdale’s Got Talent

We were very proud of Ms.Morrow’s – Ms. Stirling’s classes when they took to the stage to perform on Wednesday and Thursday night. Despite a number of actors being struck down with the chicken pox, Ms. Jackson’s and Ms.Morrow’s class gave two fantastic performances of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. A special mention goes to Johnny […]

Keep on Running!

Well done to the early morning runners who are training for Santry. They have been very enthusiastic and making a great effort. We are looking forward to hearing how they get on in Santry Sports which will take place on the 22nd & 23rd May. We plan to continue training for anyone interested from 3rd – 6th […]

All About Abdul

Hello, my name is Abdul Aljanabi. I am 13 years old. I live in Raheny. I’m currently in 6th class in Springdale. After going to a few computer coding classes I developed a keen interest in programming and web development. I currently teach myself on a website called w3 schools. Click here to see this […]

Interview with Ms. Ince

Ms. Ince is the 1st and 2nd class teacher in Springdale National School. This summer Ms Ince is going to South Africa to work as part of a group for Mellon Educate. Why are you going to South Africa? I have always wanted to help Niall Mellon but I haven’t been free because the building […]