Over the last fortnight, every child in Springdale had the chance to travel by DART to Merrion Square for this year’s International Literature Festival. With the sun shining, as an added bonus, they enjoyed sessions with well known authors who kept them entertained!

4th Class learnt how to defend dragons with Katie & Kevin Tsang, while 1st class enjoyed the Supertato SuperShow with Paul Linnet.

5th  Class met the Mythical Gods of Ireland with Ellen Ryan & Conor Merriman, while Senior Infants Hunted for the Golden Hare with Paddy Donnelly.

2nd Class had a chance to join in, be inspired and creative in Creaking Croaking Cracking Poetry with Kate Wakeling, while 3rd Class learnt how to bring characters to life on the page during Neill Cameron’s Guide to Making Awesome Comics.

Junior Infants giggled their way through the Gigantic Gigantosaurus Show with Jonny Duddle and 6th Class were enthralled with Tales from the Tokyo Ghost Cafe with Julian Sedgwick & Chie

Having attended the various workshops, there was plenty of time to enjoy Merrion Square Park! You can see how they got on in our short video:

Fun in the Park