We went on our school tour to Causey Farm in Co. Meath. There were lots of activities to do like see animals, build blocks, crawl through tunnels, blow bubbles, ride on tractors and visit the BOG!!

There were pigs, lambs, goats, horses, cows, sheep, chickens and puppies. After seeing the animals, we went for a little snack and then put our bags on the back of a trailer.

Then we went to the blocks and the dark tunnels. Everybody loved the tunnels and the colourful blocks. After that we went to the bubbles and made enormous bubbles.

Soon it was time for another snack and then onto the tractor. On the tractor we sang lots of songs such as ‘The Crazy Goat’ and ‘The Springdale’. On the way to the bog we saw very mucky kids holding socks in their hands. We walked through a forest.

When we got to the bog we took off our socks and shoes. It was finally time to jump into the bog. The leader told us to land on our bottoms when we jumped in but still a lot of people got stuck. With about two minutes left we did a Springdale dive.

We had great fun at Causey Farm. We really hope we can go there again!!

By Grace, Conor and Abigail