On Tuesday, 11th June, 5th class went on their school tour to Zip It in Tibradden wood in the Dublin Mountains.

When we got there, we all got on our safety harnesses and grip gloves. We had to do an initiation course with an instructor to learn how to use all the safety equipment.

Then we were free to go off in our own groups without an instructor. There were 4 courses open to us – Green, Easy Orange, Difficult Orange and White. White was the most challenging – not everyone took on this challenge!

The highlight of the day was the long ziplines. The obstacles were often very challenging which gave us goosebumps, wobbly legs and an adrenalin rush!

The next day we had sore muscles and tired bodies but we would highly recommend the experience and we hope other classes get the opportunity to go there in the future.

By 5th Class