Ms. Ince is the 1st and 2nd class teacher in Springdale National School. This summer Ms Ince is going to South Africa to work as part of a group for Mellon Educate.

Why are you going to South Africa?

I have always wanted to help Niall Mellon but I haven’t been free because the building work has always been in November and teachers cant take a week off during school time. (Niall Mellon also builds houses for local people in South Africa)

You will be working with Mellon Educate, tell us a little about Mellon Educate

Niall Mellon is a philanthropist who has been building houses in South Africa since 2002, Mellon Educate builds school for local people and helps to improve the education provided by bringing teachers to South Africa who can bring their experience gained in Ireland by mentoring local teachers.

Where will you be based?

I will be based at a number of school in Cape Town

What experiences do you hope to take back from South Africa to Ireland?

I would like to have a better understanding of the needs and experience of people in Africa.

Are you nervous?

I am a little apprehensive as I don’t know anyone on the team yet. But after the training day I am sure that I will feel a lot better.

Tell us about how you will fund the trip

Everyone who is travelling has to raise €2500 and I have already started fundraising by selling keyrings in school, this has raised €300, thanks to everyone who bought one. Also I am organising a lego camp, a sponsored run, a table quiz and coffee mornings.

Everyone in Springdale wishes Ms. Ince good luck on her trip. This is clearly a great initative which deserves our support.

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