The following are the staffing arrangements for 2018/2019:

Junior Infants: Ms. Anne Marie Lenehan

Senior Infants: Ms. Julie Boyle

1st Class: Ms. Linda Stafford

2nd Class: Ms. Emma Cornyn

3rd Class: Ms. Fiona Ince until 9th October, followed by Ms. Julie Hutchinson

3rd & 4th Class: Ms. Alison Lodola

4th Class: Ms. Jessica Jacob

5th Class: Ms. Robyn Quinn

6th Class: Ms. Casey Stirling


The Special Education Team:

Ms. Kate Hogan

Ms. Helen Kenny

Ms. Fiona Ince (From 10th October)

Ms. Elaine Coady ( Following her Maternity Leave. A substitute teacher will cover the post until she returns.)


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Emma Cornyn, Ms. Julie Hutchinson, Ms. Alison Lodola and Ms. Jessica Jacob to Springdale. I would also like to welcome Ms. Helen Kenny as a permanent member of staff and to welcome Ms. Anne Marie Colbert back to Springdale.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the fabulous weather and will continue to enjoy the summer holidays.