Month: October 2019

European Sports Day

We celebrated European Sports Day on Friday the 27th of September. It kicked off with the Macarena in the hall after assembly. Later in the day there were obstacle courses for the junior end and relays for the senior end. We also had ‘Drop Everything and Dance’ to the song ‘Jump Around’, Sally Up, Sally […]

Maths Week Trip

Maths Week Trip to City Hall Yesterday was Monday the 14/10/19. We went on the Dart and we walked to City Hall through town.  We went on the coolest lift ever. Then we played some maths games and did some puzzles.  Some of our favourite ones were the ‘Skyscraper’ and ‘Boats in Trouble’.    We had […]

Two Visits in One Day!

Springdalers had a very busy day on Tuesday. Early in the day we were extremely lucky to be joined by author, Ger Siggins. 4th to 6th Class were entertained by his stories of growing up next to Lansdowne Road and were interested to learn how he was inspired to become a writer. We were treated […]

A Day in the life of a Scientist

On Tuesday 8th October some children went on a science trip to Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute. We had a brilliant day. Before we left, we made some predictions for our experiment. When we got there, we were shown into the lab. We felt like VIPs. They told us we were the first children who got […]

Halloween…..Spooktacular 2019!!

Another year of children’s (or adults!!) creative genius springs from the wardrobes and minds of Springdalers. Despite the mixed weather, we experienced another triumph of fashion with a brilliant display of imagination shining from all quarters. It was simply a super day out for all, young and old alike. A huge thank you to all […]