Lily in 2nd Class and her mum, Zoe, have been working hard thinking of a project we can work on together even though we are apart. They have decided that even though we are all in different places, we can create something lovely together during lockdown. While giving you something to work on while you are at home, it will create an amazing focal point that everyone will have contributed too when we return to school.

What Lily and Zoe would like everyone to do….that’s students and staff… to paint some rocks!

When it comes to rock painting, there is no “wrong” way! Paint what makes you smile. Use bright colours and have fun with it. A rock lasts forever; it symbolises strength and empowerment, solidity and comfort. We can’t wait to see what you all create.

Lily and Zoe hope all of us together will showcase an amazing collaboration that highlights Springdale’s creativity, uniqueness, diversity and fun.

It will be amazing if we get enough rocks to create something that becomes a focal
point for students, parents, teachers and visitors arriving at the school. It is also
something that students, past and present, will be able to add to and past  Springdalers can try and spot their rock if they pop in to say hello.

Let’s get creating:

  1. GET rocks just about anywhere in nature. The choice is yours when it comes to deciding which ones you want to paint.
  2. CLEANING is the next step.The best method is to simply soak them in hot water for a few minutes, then scrub away at any dirt. Dry with a towel and leave them to air dry completely before painting.
  3. PAINT – the best paint for rocks is acrylic paint. It coats the rocks extremely well so you don’t have to apply a lot of layers. Think about the colours that you would enjoy painting with and choose from there. Zoe and Lily have also used poster paint, tins of paint that’s been used to decorate the house and sharpies which are great for small details.
  4. PAINT BRUSHES needed will depend on the project, so getting a variety is your best bet. You will mainly be using a fine tipped paint brush but exploring other brush sizes will allow you to create different effects and styles of artwork. To be honest a thin brush and a slightly wider brush are perfect.
  5. DESIGN – A pencil and eraser is good to have as well to draw on the design as a basic outline for you to follow.

Have Fun!

There is a box inside the school gates where you can post finished rocks or you can hold on to them until we are all back in school.

Don’t worry about making your rocks waterproof or sealing them as we will do that for you.