As highlighted by the HSE, “a challenging event like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can affect everyone’s mental health. Each of us is doing our best to look after ourselves. But young people and children might need extra attention and support.
For some people, there is a sense of a ‘new normal’ and of getting used to these temporary circumstances. As the situation evolves, anxiety levels may change. Others will find it an increasingly difficult and anxious time. But for most, there will be ups and downs on a daily basis.”

To  support parents and  their children during difficult times, a number of teachers have compiled the Springdale Health and Wellbeing Blog.

It can be found under the Wellbeing Tab at the top of our website or by following the link below:

Springdale Health and Wellbeing Blog

To mark the launch of the Springdale Health and Wellbeing Blog, the staff have made a short video for you:

A message from the staff